Sara Jane Founder of “The Gift of Healing TV

Sara Jane Founder of “The Gift of Healing TV

The Gift of Healing TV

Each week we have a Special Guest/s, on our live & interactive program, who will share at least one of the following:

  • Information about their speciality practice or technique
  •  A Meditation
  • An Exercise which will include things like fitness, yoga, mental agility and much more
  • An Interactive Panel Discussion on Health, Healing & Your Questions  

We invite & encourage you to join in and experience as much as possible from each program, therefore we ask all our guests where possible, to demonstrate their technique. Radio (SOCRadio) Brings you quality, diverse Spiritual Shows - Daily - With Hosts from around the globe! Keep up with SOC Radio at Enjoy and Tune in to SOC Radio Join in the SOC Radio.


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