Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Louise Beker

Featured Guest Speaker-Louise Beker



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Louise Beker an NZ Author, accredited Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Astrologer, and a Bodywork practitioner and teacher.

A successful Author of several spiritual fiction novels, in 2016 she was awarded third place in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit Book Awards for 'Her Eight Limbs of Love', a contemporary women’s spiritual fiction novel interweaving yoga philosophy and self-empowerment messages. She has also written 'The Bright New Dawn’, and is currently working on her third novel ‘The Fifth World’, both of which incorporate her passion for, and research on, advanced ancient civilizations and humanity’s shift in consciousness.

An accredited Life Coach, Louise leads empowering and transformational workshops, online seminars, and one-on-one coaching for women.

She is passionate about writing, speaking and coaching, and is a dynamic, heart-centered and inspirational
Author, Coach, Visionary and Mentor.
Louise Beker - Author | Facebook

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-PATRICIA IRIS KERINS

Featured Guest Speaker-PATRICIA IRIS KERINS



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview PATRICIA IRIS KERINS
Patricia Iris Kerins DHP, is an Author, Singer/Songwriter, Clear Channel for the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and Divine Love

She is also a Spiritual Mentor/Teacher/Coach & Therapist. Patricia has 25 years experience in the mind/body/spirit field and is internationally renowned for her work activating and rebalancing the Divine Feminine energies within women and men. This ignites their inner love power, passion and purpose which liberates their voices and helps them to stand up and speak out. At present, she is specialising in cleansing and clearing the womb of humanity to resurrect this Divine Feminine all creative power so eroded in this day and age.

She is the founder and teacher of VIVA LOVE HEALING which embraces the power of the Voice, Divine Love and Intention working with the Illumined Beings of Light.

She is the host of The Patricia Iris Kerins Show on the platform and is a speaker and performer at many conferences and festivals in the UK and US. Her One Woman Show includes her own songs and music as well as spiritual comedy.

Patricia runs Shamanic Magdalene workshops from the womb of her retreat centre at Roundwood House, Nairn, Scotland. This marries her two great loves, her connection to the Mother Earth Goddess and to the Divine Feminine Goddess symbolised by Mary Magdalene.

To find out more about this and her one on one coaching and VIVA LOVE Training please visit her website:



Todays Featured Summit Speaker-David McLeod

Featured Guest Speaker-David McLeod



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview published Author/Coach/Mentor David McLeod
David D McLeod
David D McLeod is a transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, author, and experiential facilitator who has been deeply involved in personal growth work since 1995. He has devoted himself to understanding what it is that keeps people from fulfilling their potential—in relationships, in business, in personal health and fitness, in every aspect of their lives—and thus has become a widely acknowledged expert in the field of psychic shadow. 
David's work is focused on encouraging and supporting men and women to re-integrate their disowned shadow aspects—through powerful processes that lead to core transformations—so that they can reclaim, embrace, and experience the full essence of who they are.
A musician and poet who brings innovative creativity to all his endeavors, David holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Metaphysical Sciences and a Doctor of Divinity (DD) in Spiritual Counseling. David is the author of the book The Magic Of ‘I Am’: Four Steps to Conscious Self-Creation, and will soon be releasing his latest work Maestro’s Treasure Map: Cultivating and Deploying the Indispensable Tools of Life Mastery.
• (my main PR website)
• (a weekly TV program I hosted for over two years on the subject of "Life Mastery")
• (mainly my "Daily Affirmation" program with weekly video messages)
David D. McLeod, DD, PhD
Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Coach

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Sheelagh Maria

Featured Guest Speaker-Sheelagh Maria



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interviews Sheelagh Maria - is a Channel, a Clairvoyant and a Coach.

Sheelagh Marias Journey started when she had her 4th child, he had no symptoms yet she had a growing sense of unease, and despite the midwives telling her he was healthy she felt different.  

Eventually she heard a voice who called itself Michael and this voice told her to get him to hospital now - she did and she was told, and found he had 20 mins to live - they saved him and it turned out he was in heart failure.  

Over the next 16 months Sheelaghs connection with Michael saved him 2 more times and her own life went into a nosedive - she went into a refuge and had to rebuild her life again, but all the time Michael and the other voices she now heard told her everything was 'on track'.

Sheelagh ended up working on the psychic lines where she naturally started teaching people how to connect to their own angels and guides, and this became her forte.  She started writing for an American website and before long was teaching people around the world to hear angels, open to their clairvoyance and connect to their divine purpose - not everyone was meant to be a professional clairvoyant of course, but everyone has a purpose they could connect to by talking and being guided by their team.

Fast forward to present day, Sheelaghs ethos is inspired by her own journey of being judged and vilified, through to standing in her power and against the odds creating a new life for herself.  She works with empaths, people who want to transform their careers and relationships, and she teaches channelling to healers and awakened people round the world. 

Shes is now happily married to Mr Wright - and lives with her wolves, her black cat and her healthy children in a cottage in deepest darkest Lincolnshire.

Sheelagh currently channels the ‘Pleiadian Council of 9’ and prides herself on knowing everyone has this skill.  If you would like to find out how working with ‘The Guides’ can transform your life, then visit Sheelaghs website to find out more about how they and she can support you.

Her final word is this – “You came here for a reason, you have what it takes and your guides believe in you 100% now it's time you did too”.

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Bascha Meier

Featured Guest Speaker-Bascha Meier



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Bascha Meier
International Energy Medium & Self Empowerment Coach

Bascha is a leading personality in the personal growth and consciousness raising movement.

When she was ‘called’ to leave her career as an award winning Fashion Designer she had no idea what was in store!

Today, she is a global entrepreneur in high demand as a Visionary and Transformation Agent. This takes her on intrepid journeys to sacred spots all over the world! 

For the past 25 years Bascha has been living the life of her dreams; sharing her teachings of abundant living via events and online consults. She weaves her natural gifts as an Energy Medium and Clairvoyant into these teachings.
Bascha connects deeply to ethnic cultures and their ancient wisdoms. She has received initiations from Balinese elders, and her trainings include Past Life Regression, NLP and Reiki. She is a Master Facilitator in Family Constellation Work (Epigenetics). Bascha has a powerful way of holding space to clear ancestral ties that block people in their current daily lives thus preventing them from accessing their right to a life of abundant flow. This is the hallmark of her sought after work.

“I love to awaken people to their authentic empowered Self, and to teach them how to self-heal and live the life of their dreams! “
She is a great believer that by taking inspired action it is possible for anyone to live with joy, passion and purpose.

Todays Featured Summit Speakers-Sharron Martin & Julia Dungan

Featured Guests Speakers-Sharron Martin & Julia Dungan



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Sharron & Julia from the Two gifted woman from New Zealand-Auckland.

Sharron Martin
Messenger…….Channel for the Divine.......Bridge between Worlds
Sharron was a secondary school teacher for many years and taught a wide variety of subjects; although her focus was always on helping people to grow and find their inner greatness. Later she trained as a counsellor in Career Development and also did some training in Energy healing. 
Now her truth is that she works guided by her soul for the good of humanity and the planet. Sharron is a messenger, teacher and a channel for the divine. She is a bridge between worlds and connects to Source of All That Is/God/Universal Energy to bring through higher dimensional energies for healing and guidance. Sharron works with the Ascended Masters and within the Akashic Records to bring through what your soul requires; to bring you into greater soul alignment and to help you connect with your authentic self.
As an artist Sharron brings beauty and essence from the unseen worlds to create vibrational images and paintings to uplift the viewer and assist in journeying to other realms. 

Julia Dungan
Growing up in the magical land of Aotearoa, New Zealand, with its melting pot of cultures, and its rich and diverse natural beauty, placed her firmly on her life path serving as a constant source of inspiration for her work.
Introspective by nature and endlessly curious she is devoted to the Mystical path. An avid student of the wisdom teachings of all traditions, her personal quest is to experience the vast array of internal alchemical methods for transforming and elevating consciousness and transfer these experiences through beautiful images and objects.
She also mentors and guides creatives, dreamers and free thinkers in bringing their visions to life, in giving form to the formless. She strongly believes that they are the wayshowers, the catalysts of change most needed now in building and moving forward into the new paradigm, the new way of living harmoniously here on Earth.
Website -

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Helen Barnes

Featured Summit Speaker-Helen Barnes



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Janine Savient $ Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Renowned "WayShower" Helen Barnes


Helen Barnes is a Vibrational Sound Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Channel and Author. Helen came to the end of a long and successful corporate career when she went through burnout and had what she describes as an emotional breakdown which was like hitting a brick wall. With nowhere to go, having reached the end of the line, Helen embarked on a journey of healing herself and after a period of one year she had found her authentic self and began to walk a path of love and service. For the past 17 years now, Helen has lived in a state of surrender, in service to humanity, following the beat of her own heart. She is divinely inspired and guided by spirit and works with the Language of Light as potent harmonics and codes of creation. Her toning sounds are experienced as pure vibration to cut through the veil of illusion and reveal divine truth. The focus of Helen's work at this time is assisting people with the new earth energies as consciousness is expanding and we transition into the 5th Dimension creating a new paradigm on Earth. Helen facilitates spiritual growth through healing, guidance, retreats and sacred journeys. She lived at the Pyramids of Egypt over a period of 5 years and has always been a 'traveller'. She lives in a state of open-hearted surrender, guided by spirit to flow with ease and grace deeper into the mysteries of life.

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Mary Jo Halligan

Featured Guest Speaker-Mary Jo Halligan



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Mary Jo Halligan who is nestled among the rolling mountains in NZ-A place that ALL should visit.

Mary Jo is a soulful visionary and that vision has lead to launching with her soulmate Steve Halligan in 2015 Vibrant Living Retreat located in the beautiful alpine wellness village of Hamner Springs, South Island, New Zealand. Mary Jo is noted for having an impressive wall ( What she likes to call her fancy wall paper in jest ! ) at her Retreat & Day Spa which hosts lots of beautiful certificates in many healing arts modalities from VARIOUS FORMS OF MASSAGE TECHNIQUES , ENERGY HEALING to QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE QHHT and YOGA TEACHER TRAININGS. Mary Jo's Mountain View Massage Days Spa which has been running for 7 yrs in Hanmer Springs brings PAMPERING BLISS & HOLISTIC CARE together under one roof in her beautiful peaceful sanctuary and dream vision ~ Vibrant Living Retreat. More and more people are noted as commenting on the special vibe they get as they enter Vibrant Living. 
Mary Jo and her Vibrant Team run regular transformational Wellness Retreats Including Yoga , Meditation, Detox , Fasting and Healing. Mary Jo is passionate about personal empowerment through inner transformation leading one to discover inner harmony, integrity and trust in body, mind, emotions and soul leading to create ones heart felt desires and dream lifestyle. 
Mary Jo & Steve mentor, train and hold space for there own live in therapists and woofers as they become introduced to there new paradigm co-creative model of running a business together as a team where everyone is encouraged to aim to be there best version of self with compassion and support for each individual journey of inner transformation and empowerment, healing and free creativity expression. Taking self responsibility for ones energy in thought and emotion and creations is a central theme of exploration and discovery in Vibrant Living Retreat daily culture and consciousness school of life.

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Sara Jane

Featured Summit Speaker-Sara Jane



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Published on Feb 2, 2017
Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Sara Jane in the UK-Master Sound Healer
Who is Sara Jane?
Sara is the Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki, the founder of Gift of Healing TV, an International Speaker and Author. 
She is based in Bournemouth on the South Coast of England, where she runs her own therapy practise. Sara is a Master Teacher & Practitioner of both Reiki & Vocal Reiki; she also runs workshops to help you connect with your inner child.
Sara draws on her own life experiences and healing journey to support those that attend her practise, courses and workshops.
She comes from a varied background having worked in retail, office and Public House management, as well as insurance.
A fun fact about Sara is that she has been a Trainee Handler with the Wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and felt honoured to interact with these amazing creatures.
She is also a voice for many friends from the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over Earth’s Crystals.
For more information about Sara Jane and her work see her website
You can find out more about Gift of Healing TV, Upcoming programs and Catch-up:
If you would like to read some of the messages from our Mythical Friends & Crystals Dragons:

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Shona Ann Hill

Featured Guest Speaker-Shona Ann Hill



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Shona Ann Hill-Author Coach from the UK

In Shona's words:
People live under the illusion that they have to be told what is right for them… In truth you feel in your heart and in your belly, what is right for you… I have been through many lessons in this… to transform the pain of another’s actions into love and forgiveness…to transcend above the limitations of all human experience… for more often than not they haven’t a clue what they are doing, as they have no idea that they are in fact hurting themselves through hurting others as we are one in energy… we are the divine love of God/Source, the Christ Consciousness in form. Every single person has an innate talent and gift that is unique to them… I bring these out in people… where people lack confidence and bring it forth, for all are worthy and deserving of shining and living dreams fulfilled. What you have ever thought of as possible for you, God/Source wants that for you, and I help clear the way for those dreams to come forward for you, and be manifest.

I have always had awareness, all of my human life that there was more than what was there by appearance. I have had spirit guides, and friends and family come and spend time with me, after they have transcended physical form. I have had many previous human experiences, where I have been a powerful teacher, and also lives where I have been the opposite. All these together bring me to you in the form that I am today.

I am a being from another space popped in for this moment from Andromeda to shatter the “story”, and illusion humanity has come to know as real. I am a Master, along with all those I share this divine space with. We are equals all in the oneness, there is no superiority… that is another illusion I come to bring crashing down to its knees.

I am a humble being, and in the humility that I am, I come here now to bring you peace, love, courage and joy, from the highest vibration. I come to shatter all illusions and allow all humanity that wishes it in this moment to step out in the confidence of all that they are. I am a humble truth giver and divine justice seeker. I am loving walking in equality of ALL life, human and animal alike, and allowing ALL to shine in confidence in the truth of ALL that they are.

I offer assistance to people both in person and online. As I said before I am everywhere, so I assist people everywhere. 

You can find more about me at

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Chris Wilson

Featured Guest Speaker-Chris Wilson



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke inteview Chris Wilson Renowned for Akashic Readings. 

Chris Wilson from Akashic Readings NZ
Short version
Chris Wilson comes from Wellington and is able to obtain soul information from the Akashic Records (an energetic record of everything that has ever happened to every soul on Earth throughout time). She passes this information on to help others see the bigger picture of their lives and to understand their mission and journey. 
Chris runs workshops teaching others how to use the Akashic Records to gain soul information and for healing, transformation and manifestation.
She has written a book, 'The Magic of the Akashic Records Understanding Our Soul Journey.' http://www.themagicoftheakashicrecord....

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Angela Dickson

Featured Guest Speaker-Angela Dickson



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Angela Dickson a renowned gifted woman who is in service for humanity

Angela knows her shadow side intimately; they have travelled together for a very long time. When she speaks to you about her story you will hear her say, “she feels like she has been in the bowels of the earth clearing very dark energy.” Angela experienced abuse in the Catholic Church as a 7 year old; and lived her life in a dissociated state, where she created some very strong sub personalities whom the world saw, to protect the abused ones inside. They remained hidden, but were often triggered, and when that happened she would wonder about her sanity! At that stage she had no idea what was going on, as the separation of the sub personalities was strong. Angela does not have a lot of memories … she says there are huge gaps!  She says she feels her memories are cellular and are held in different parts of her body, they are triggered by sensory feelings and touch, and this causes flash backs. She is aware she has a number of triggers, small spaces, rough fabric, touch on certain parts of her body, certain movies, clutter, certain buildings (Churches) Isolation.

 Angela has spent 30 years on a very deep inner journey, opening the doors to the prison that she created inside of her to keep the abused parts of her safe, and helping the parts of her that have experienced abuse to come home. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, thoughts of suicide, secrecy, anger, rage, running away, hiding, lying, dissociation, denial, and many more were the tools that she used during this time to help her to survive, and as she worked thru the layers of fear reaching a level of acceptance there would be a release.  There were brief times of what she called reprieve and naively would think to her self “ah it is done”, and then there would be another trigger that would tumble her back into the cave, each visit to this space felt harder than the one before. 

Angela has just spent the last 7 months in what she feels is the darkest journey of her life, her guides and support team have lead her to believe that she is now out of the cave and standing on the top of the mountain looking out into the universe, looking for the next step. And maybe that is what this is. She calls the earth her mother and she says the earth has said to her, “you are my child the fire dancer the transformer of energy.”  Angela is on a journey and is calling  out to you. If you hear her song it is calling you home, it is time, it is time to come home to you. To embrace and accept the shadow and allow the dance… the magic of experiencing shadow and love, standing in unity with one another in support. The shadow then becomes the barometer to let you see when you are reacting to that, which is out side of you. Or maybe it is just time to experience love.

She says the earth her mother has called her out of the cave and she is answering her call. Angela is standing here in her vulnerability, in her innocence, in her naivety, in her wisdom, in her strength and in her courage and she says “I am answering your call. I hear you”.

Website is:

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Dr Donna Falconer

Featured Guest Speaker-Dr Donna Falconer



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Dr Donna Falconer

About Donna
I AM a true blue Indigo who has worked with the gold vibration all of my life. Like the Alchemists of old, I AM a scientist - artist - healer - teacher and visionary. Here to be a wayshower within the energies of the Christ Consciousness of this unfolding Golden Age.

As a leading-edge research scientist (PhD) for the last 30 years I have carried out pioneering work on the behaviour of gold in near-surface natural environments. I AM now privileged to be exploring the quantum behaviour of gold -  a world that is a window directly into our multi-dimensional origins.

As an energetic earth and sound healer, I have been working with alchemy crystal bowls for the last 10 years.

As a Golden Age Alchemist and teacher I mentor others in this time of profound change. I have been hosting 'Alchemy for the Soul’ events and workshops in the mountains for the last nine years.

As a passionate photographer and with my deep connection with the earth and star realms, I have been gifted with capturing inter-dimensional images of our multidimensional reality, particularly fifth-dimensional overlays and the golden templates woven through our landscape.

Also, as may be expected from an Aquarian Indigo, I AM a fearless sacred activist here to help be the change we need, as we transition into this Golden Age. I AM the founder of a registered charitable trust, established to help protect the endangered endemic New Zealand falcon (Karearea). A divinely sacred bird that only incarnates during the Golden Ages and anchors the Divine Feminine, Emerald and Gold vibrations. This is intended to be a wayshowing trust that is guided by the fundamentals of this Golden Age of Christ Consciousness. We intend on leading the way in restoring ecosystems in accordance with their divine blueprints, and of particular relevance to New Zealand, bring about the change needed to stop the poisoning of our sacred ecosystems with toxins.

All of these passions are facets of the pure gold energies of the Christ Consciousness that I hold and am here to anchor during the beginning of this Golden Age. 

I AM all about helping others to find the courage to authentically stand in the truth of who they really are. To show that even if you are still heavily veiled on a conscious level, you can simply just follow your heart and be in complete alignment with your guiding energies and in being so, discover why you are here at this time and enjoy the profound magic and freedom that comes with that knowing. All of us are here to be that divine unique spark of God, capable of creating magic through love - through BEing what we love and freely sharing that.

Multidimensional photography     and spiritual stuff
Conventional photography                                      
Conservation trust                                                    

Alchemy for the Soul
Eastern Falcon Conservation Trust

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Senta Knapp

Featured Guest Speaker-Senta Knapp



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Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Author Artist Senta Knapp New Zealand.

In her talk she will explore the greater pulse of Life which propels us forward to re-connect with that which is greater than ourselves, our Soul and our Spirit. 
She will share some of challenges she faced in her own transition with aid of her visionary pictograms which she received intuitively to questions she was asking about the evolution of consciousness and humanity’s higher destiny. 
In her talk she will touch on the following:-
• our connection to the universal mind
• the new perceptual faculties that awaken as we evolve
• the challenges of soul and spiritual integration
• the nature of Truth as a process that goes beyond reason
• the battle between religious traditions
• the essential unity behind all sacred traditions
• the purpose of spiritual practice
• the return of the capstone knowledge
Audience will be given a link to be able to download a Free copy of her e-book “Inner Universe” at the end of the session.

Todays Featured Speaker-Jorge Arguello

Featured Guest Speaker-Jorge Arguello



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke Interview an incredible man in a mission to bring forth miracles into mankind.
Jorge Arguello

Something was different from the beginning with Jorge Arguello ... from how he came into his earth body, to how he was lead to a secret magical place in the mountains. 

There he came in contact with other races of beings which he refers to as his “celestial friends.” They laid out the path which he was to embark on from that point forward, changing from the one he was on to fulfilling the reason he was born.

In 1983 he was taken up into a mother craft where tall beings revealed his mission and the training which was to begin. 

After many years of mastering these teachings, he began his “mission” on helping others in attaining such mastery for themselves. In 2010, after some major personal losses he was visited by one of the brightest celestial beings he has ever been in contact with. The being instructed him to not veer off the path, to never waver but continue this path of miracles despite any hardships which may come up.

Jorge Arguello is a Light Being, a Prophet of Peace and an Ambassador of Love. A participator of  living a loving life of expansive realities and ALWAYS in the moment. 

Jorge Illuminates a path for others to follow on how to overcome belief limitations while achieving the Personal Power necessary for evolutionary ascension that helps one transform lovingly into the creation they truly are.

The passions of Jorge Arguello include writer of songs, artistic musical expressions, stage acting, poetry and prose authoring, cooking gastronomic creations and loving life to the utmost. He is a visionary philosopher, a healer of mind body and soul, a purveyor of truth ... and SOUL GUIDE into deeper understandings of our celestial friends and the dimensions we live in.


Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Jenny Kennedy

Featured Guest Speaker-Jenny Kennedy



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Hosts; Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke. Interviews the most remarkable woman today. Jenny Kennedy in New Zealand. 

Jenny Kennedy

Jenny was diagnosed with "incurable" Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in 2012. During her Healing Journey back to health and wellness she uncovered 6 Steps to Healing. As an Intuitive Healer and Teacher she now guides others to heal in all areas of their lives and incorporate those same 6 Steps to Healing in their Journey to be able to lead the life they were destined to live and fulfil their life's purpose.

In today’s interview Jenny will share her story of healing from "incurable" cancer and these 6 Steps to Healing which can be used in any area of your life. She will also channel in information and healing for all who tune in to her talk.

To connect to Jenny here;

Todays Featured Summit Speakers-Danielle Renee & Claudia Lighter

Featured Guest Speakers-Danielle Renee & Claudia Lighter



We recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Captions on Video “CC” Or Click in to watch Danielle & Claudia in YouTube

Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview 2 gifted woman from Australia, renowned for delivering incredible messages for many people across the Globe.

Their understanding, insight gives many freedom from the contributing forces that are causing the physical and mental discomfort.

Through attending a session or sessions with them, they may be able to help to improve your current emotional and physical health, birthing a positive self-awareness, self-worth and self. The healing they do for a client helps to change the subtle energy fields and systems in the body, allowing positive health responses to manifest.

The energy healing session can help to enhance energy flow and help any disturbances in the human energy field, which is what permeates and surrounds the body. Through this support it allows the self-healing capacity to take place within the body.

The interaction of the healer and the client on an energy level directs what healing needs to be done and how the client needs to look after themselves between sessions and once the sessions are completed. The energy healing for the client reminds them that they are not powerless victims, but are fully able to create the lives they want to live and how they want to feel.

The possibility to live life more fully, regardless of the past can help to open ourselves to the powerful energy fields that can affect our own profound healing experiences. They as energy workers with their strong intuitive abilities complements the healing experience and allows a client to interact in a way higher way, where they are feeling the healing and release as it is being administered. 

Currently establishing a new website launching soon here is where you are able to connect with them.
You can connect here while they are in prelaunch

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Linda Woodgate

Featured Guest Speaker-Linda Woodgate



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Hosts; Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview an incredible gifted woman in the South Island in New Zealand. Linda Woodgate Success of the Authentic You.


She loves to create space for people to grow and understand their journey more easily and effortlessly. Her Joy is Supporting them to discover their true life's purpose and how to get there. To live the life where they love to laugh at their antics, whilst understanding the stories that the mind creates. To feel in charge of who you are and where you are and feeling good about that. Feeling the smile go all the way down your body because you have the tools to be happy. To love all the crazy moods you can come up with and know you have the choice to change them and feel proud of making that happen.
Brief Description of what Linda is sharing. 
"A little of my personal journey that is relevant. My love of teaching and sharing and creating fun and quick ways to be in Joy each and everyday. Why its important to be able to ‘Move that Mood” for you and ways to do that. How and where I work with the use of technical communication. Time zones are the only difficulties now to connect globally."

Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Karina J. Geneser

Featured Guest Speaker-Karina J. Geneser 



We Recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Cations on Video “CC’ Or Click into watch Karina in YouTube.
Hosts; Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke presents an incredible human being who is a way-shower for ALL children across the earth..
My name is Karina, living in Denmark in Copenhagen, up north, with my two wonderful teenage-sons. The youngest was given the diagnosis Aspergers with depression three years from now- he is 15.
Im a believer and a 'never-give-up'per'-I have educated myself into a perfumer, using the rawness from mother nature and these essential oils; I am educated social worker and I do work in a kindergarden 35 hours a week, and this is where I work with communication for the 3-6 year old wonderful children, using the same kind of method as lawyers do: mediation...this means that two parts in a conflict are guided by me, to find a solution through positive communication with respect for each other, finding a solution themselves- with a little help from me...and it works. And I see how important it is for a human to length with others- feel the relations and friendships and comments you get...the feeling of being very important.
As a mother to a child/ teenager with a diagnosis- and I think I speak for many families- in all parts of the world- all countries...whom our system doesn't understand, and therefor he, my son, and many other teenagers in his situation, are isolated from their normal development- growing up story- education with teens- their own age- because the system doesn't know how to help them fit in....and they are kind of lost- feeling not worthy- some even try to commit suicide at the age of 9, because they feel so lonely, isolated and wrong...even if we – their parents- show love, care and understanding
Therefore I will stand up and speak for them- to help them and guide them into a beautiful network with teens from the whole world- having one thing in common: The food culture amongst awesome teens.
(Spoken in her words in English)

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Janette Maree is The Founder & Creator of Myztic Realm.

She lives in the · Gold Coast, Queensland

An Intuitive Psychic and Medium. Priestess. Lightworker. Myztic Angel. Works with Energy and Auras. A highly sort after Spiritual Coach.