Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Senta Knapp

Featured Guest Speaker-Senta Knapp



We recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Captions on Video “CC” Or Click into watch Senta in YouTube
Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Author Artist Senta Knapp New Zealand.

In her talk she will explore the greater pulse of Life which propels us forward to re-connect with that which is greater than ourselves, our Soul and our Spirit. 
She will share some of challenges she faced in her own transition with aid of her visionary pictograms which she received intuitively to questions she was asking about the evolution of consciousness and humanity’s higher destiny. 
In her talk she will touch on the following:-
• our connection to the universal mind
• the new perceptual faculties that awaken as we evolve
• the challenges of soul and spiritual integration
• the nature of Truth as a process that goes beyond reason
• the battle between religious traditions
• the essential unity behind all sacred traditions
• the purpose of spiritual practice
• the return of the capstone knowledge
Audience will be given a link to be able to download a Free copy of her e-book “Inner Universe” at the end of the session.