Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Angela Dickson

Featured Guest Speaker-Angela Dickson



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Angela Dickson a renowned gifted woman who is in service for humanity

Angela knows her shadow side intimately; they have travelled together for a very long time. When she speaks to you about her story you will hear her say, “she feels like she has been in the bowels of the earth clearing very dark energy.” Angela experienced abuse in the Catholic Church as a 7 year old; and lived her life in a dissociated state, where she created some very strong sub personalities whom the world saw, to protect the abused ones inside. They remained hidden, but were often triggered, and when that happened she would wonder about her sanity! At that stage she had no idea what was going on, as the separation of the sub personalities was strong. Angela does not have a lot of memories … she says there are huge gaps!  She says she feels her memories are cellular and are held in different parts of her body, they are triggered by sensory feelings and touch, and this causes flash backs. She is aware she has a number of triggers, small spaces, rough fabric, touch on certain parts of her body, certain movies, clutter, certain buildings (Churches) Isolation.

 Angela has spent 30 years on a very deep inner journey, opening the doors to the prison that she created inside of her to keep the abused parts of her safe, and helping the parts of her that have experienced abuse to come home. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, thoughts of suicide, secrecy, anger, rage, running away, hiding, lying, dissociation, denial, and many more were the tools that she used during this time to help her to survive, and as she worked thru the layers of fear reaching a level of acceptance there would be a release.  There were brief times of what she called reprieve and naively would think to her self “ah it is done”, and then there would be another trigger that would tumble her back into the cave, each visit to this space felt harder than the one before. 

Angela has just spent the last 7 months in what she feels is the darkest journey of her life, her guides and support team have lead her to believe that she is now out of the cave and standing on the top of the mountain looking out into the universe, looking for the next step. And maybe that is what this is. She calls the earth her mother and she says the earth has said to her, “you are my child the fire dancer the transformer of energy.”  Angela is on a journey and is calling  out to you. If you hear her song it is calling you home, it is time, it is time to come home to you. To embrace and accept the shadow and allow the dance… the magic of experiencing shadow and love, standing in unity with one another in support. The shadow then becomes the barometer to let you see when you are reacting to that, which is out side of you. Or maybe it is just time to experience love.

She says the earth her mother has called her out of the cave and she is answering her call. Angela is standing here in her vulnerability, in her innocence, in her naivety, in her wisdom, in her strength and in her courage and she says “I am answering your call. I hear you”.

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