Todays Featured Summit Speaker-PATRICIA IRIS KERINS

Featured Guest Speaker-PATRICIA IRIS KERINS



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview PATRICIA IRIS KERINS
Patricia Iris Kerins DHP, is an Author, Singer/Songwriter, Clear Channel for the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and Divine Love

She is also a Spiritual Mentor/Teacher/Coach & Therapist. Patricia has 25 years experience in the mind/body/spirit field and is internationally renowned for her work activating and rebalancing the Divine Feminine energies within women and men. This ignites their inner love power, passion and purpose which liberates their voices and helps them to stand up and speak out. At present, she is specialising in cleansing and clearing the womb of humanity to resurrect this Divine Feminine all creative power so eroded in this day and age.

She is the founder and teacher of VIVA LOVE HEALING which embraces the power of the Voice, Divine Love and Intention working with the Illumined Beings of Light.

She is the host of The Patricia Iris Kerins Show on the platform and is a speaker and performer at many conferences and festivals in the UK and US. Her One Woman Show includes her own songs and music as well as spiritual comedy.

Patricia runs Shamanic Magdalene workshops from the womb of her retreat centre at Roundwood House, Nairn, Scotland. This marries her two great loves, her connection to the Mother Earth Goddess and to the Divine Feminine Goddess symbolised by Mary Magdalene.

To find out more about this and her one on one coaching and VIVA LOVE Training please visit her website: