Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Helen Ryan

Featured Guest Speaker-Helen Ryan



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Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake - Presents Helen Ryan.

Helen Ryan is an Australia based business integrity consultant who works with successful business owners and career professionals who are really overdue for self-reflection and are just not sure what to do next.

Helen’s experience with the practical wisdoms of Eastern philosophy, combined with her broad range of coaching and profiling skills helps us to recognise how being really present in everything we do is the only way to connect to and align our personal values and business goals. She believes that self-reliance, trust and integrity are the cornerstones required to create sustainable, meaningful living. 

With a clear, direct, no-nonsense approach, Helen works with you to create your own personal strategy for alignment and growth, champions your growth and
stretches you way beyond what you thought was possible

Helen’s Integrity session packages and programs are held face-to-face or online, regardless of location – and she teaches by example. 

 She is author of Mind Your Feet: A Step-by-Step Blueprint to a Life Well Lived and host of the radio show of the same name.

If you’re practical, successful, yet still searching for more purpose and clarity then you too can learn to listen to the power of your own inner voice, rather than to outside influence.

Helen helps you develop really well-informed decision making. Learn more at