Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Sheelagh Maria

Featured Guest Speaker-Sheelagh Maria



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interviews Sheelagh Maria - is a Channel, a Clairvoyant and a Coach.

Sheelagh Marias Journey started when she had her 4th child, he had no symptoms yet she had a growing sense of unease, and despite the midwives telling her he was healthy she felt different.  

Eventually she heard a voice who called itself Michael and this voice told her to get him to hospital now - she did and she was told, and found he had 20 mins to live - they saved him and it turned out he was in heart failure.  

Over the next 16 months Sheelaghs connection with Michael saved him 2 more times and her own life went into a nosedive - she went into a refuge and had to rebuild her life again, but all the time Michael and the other voices she now heard told her everything was 'on track'.

Sheelagh ended up working on the psychic lines where she naturally started teaching people how to connect to their own angels and guides, and this became her forte.  She started writing for an American website and before long was teaching people around the world to hear angels, open to their clairvoyance and connect to their divine purpose - not everyone was meant to be a professional clairvoyant of course, but everyone has a purpose they could connect to by talking and being guided by their team.

Fast forward to present day, Sheelaghs ethos is inspired by her own journey of being judged and vilified, through to standing in her power and against the odds creating a new life for herself.  She works with empaths, people who want to transform their careers and relationships, and she teaches channelling to healers and awakened people round the world. 

Shes is now happily married to Mr Wright - and lives with her wolves, her black cat and her healthy children in a cottage in deepest darkest Lincolnshire.

Sheelagh currently channels the ‘Pleiadian Council of 9’ and prides herself on knowing everyone has this skill.  If you would like to find out how working with ‘The Guides’ can transform your life, then visit Sheelaghs website to find out more about how they and she can support you.

Her final word is this – “You came here for a reason, you have what it takes and your guides believe in you 100% now it's time you did too”.