Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Karina J. Geneser

Featured Guest Speaker-Karina J. Geneser 



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Hosts; Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke presents an incredible human being who is a way-shower for ALL children across the earth..
My name is Karina, living in Denmark in Copenhagen, up north, with my two wonderful teenage-sons. The youngest was given the diagnosis Aspergers with depression three years from now- he is 15.
Im a believer and a 'never-give-up'per'-I have educated myself into a perfumer, using the rawness from mother nature and these essential oils; I am educated social worker and I do work in a kindergarden 35 hours a week, and this is where I work with communication for the 3-6 year old wonderful children, using the same kind of method as lawyers do: mediation...this means that two parts in a conflict are guided by me, to find a solution through positive communication with respect for each other, finding a solution themselves- with a little help from me...and it works. And I see how important it is for a human to length with others- feel the relations and friendships and comments you get...the feeling of being very important.
As a mother to a child/ teenager with a diagnosis- and I think I speak for many families- in all parts of the world- all countries...whom our system doesn't understand, and therefor he, my son, and many other teenagers in his situation, are isolated from their normal development- growing up story- education with teens- their own age- because the system doesn't know how to help them fit in....and they are kind of lost- feeling not worthy- some even try to commit suicide at the age of 9, because they feel so lonely, isolated and wrong...even if we – their parents- show love, care and understanding
Therefore I will stand up and speak for them- to help them and guide them into a beautiful network with teens from the whole world- having one thing in common: The food culture amongst awesome teens.
(Spoken in her words in English)