Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Terri Morehu

Featured Speaker-Terri Morehu



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Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interviews an inspiring, "Wayseer" Oracle
Terri Morehu-New Zealand

Terri is the author of the very soon to be released book ‘The Age of Unity’. She has been devoted to the spiritual path all her life, she is a gifted extra sensory and has been a spiritual counsellor and teacher for many years. 
She uses her abilities along side spirit in supporting others to remember who they authentically are and to connect with their divine nature. 
She assists others to understand and bridge the gaps not only in their spiritual lives, but also in their emotional and psychological landscapes. 
She is a sacred activist and passionate about breaking down the old paradigms so humanity can lead with a new blueprint that operates from the heart.