Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Linda Woodgate

Featured Guest Speaker-Linda Woodgate



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Hosts; Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview an incredible gifted woman in the South Island in New Zealand. Linda Woodgate Success of the Authentic You.


She loves to create space for people to grow and understand their journey more easily and effortlessly. Her Joy is Supporting them to discover their true life's purpose and how to get there. To live the life where they love to laugh at their antics, whilst understanding the stories that the mind creates. To feel in charge of who you are and where you are and feeling good about that. Feeling the smile go all the way down your body because you have the tools to be happy. To love all the crazy moods you can come up with and know you have the choice to change them and feel proud of making that happen.
Brief Description of what Linda is sharing. 
"A little of my personal journey that is relevant. My love of teaching and sharing and creating fun and quick ways to be in Joy each and everyday. Why its important to be able to ‘Move that Mood” for you and ways to do that. How and where I work with the use of technical communication. Time zones are the only difficulties now to connect globally."