Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Dr Donna Falconer

Featured Guest Speaker-Dr Donna Falconer



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Dr Donna Falconer

About Donna
I AM a true blue Indigo who has worked with the gold vibration all of my life. Like the Alchemists of old, I AM a scientist - artist - healer - teacher and visionary. Here to be a wayshower within the energies of the Christ Consciousness of this unfolding Golden Age.

As a leading-edge research scientist (PhD) for the last 30 years I have carried out pioneering work on the behaviour of gold in near-surface natural environments. I AM now privileged to be exploring the quantum behaviour of gold -  a world that is a window directly into our multi-dimensional origins.

As an energetic earth and sound healer, I have been working with alchemy crystal bowls for the last 10 years.

As a Golden Age Alchemist and teacher I mentor others in this time of profound change. I have been hosting 'Alchemy for the Soul’ events and workshops in the mountains for the last nine years.

As a passionate photographer and with my deep connection with the earth and star realms, I have been gifted with capturing inter-dimensional images of our multidimensional reality, particularly fifth-dimensional overlays and the golden templates woven through our landscape.

Also, as may be expected from an Aquarian Indigo, I AM a fearless sacred activist here to help be the change we need, as we transition into this Golden Age. I AM the founder of a registered charitable trust, established to help protect the endangered endemic New Zealand falcon (Karearea). A divinely sacred bird that only incarnates during the Golden Ages and anchors the Divine Feminine, Emerald and Gold vibrations. This is intended to be a wayshowing trust that is guided by the fundamentals of this Golden Age of Christ Consciousness. We intend on leading the way in restoring ecosystems in accordance with their divine blueprints, and of particular relevance to New Zealand, bring about the change needed to stop the poisoning of our sacred ecosystems with toxins.

All of these passions are facets of the pure gold energies of the Christ Consciousness that I hold and am here to anchor during the beginning of this Golden Age. 

I AM all about helping others to find the courage to authentically stand in the truth of who they really are. To show that even if you are still heavily veiled on a conscious level, you can simply just follow your heart and be in complete alignment with your guiding energies and in being so, discover why you are here at this time and enjoy the profound magic and freedom that comes with that knowing. All of us are here to be that divine unique spark of God, capable of creating magic through love - through BEing what we love and freely sharing that.

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