Todays Featured Summit Speakers-Danielle Renee & Claudia Lighter

Featured Guest Speakers-Danielle Renee & Claudia Lighter



We recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Captions on Video “CC” Or Click in to watch Danielle & Claudia in YouTube

Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview 2 gifted woman from Australia, renowned for delivering incredible messages for many people across the Globe.

Their understanding, insight gives many freedom from the contributing forces that are causing the physical and mental discomfort.

Through attending a session or sessions with them, they may be able to help to improve your current emotional and physical health, birthing a positive self-awareness, self-worth and self. The healing they do for a client helps to change the subtle energy fields and systems in the body, allowing positive health responses to manifest.

The energy healing session can help to enhance energy flow and help any disturbances in the human energy field, which is what permeates and surrounds the body. Through this support it allows the self-healing capacity to take place within the body.

The interaction of the healer and the client on an energy level directs what healing needs to be done and how the client needs to look after themselves between sessions and once the sessions are completed. The energy healing for the client reminds them that they are not powerless victims, but are fully able to create the lives they want to live and how they want to feel.

The possibility to live life more fully, regardless of the past can help to open ourselves to the powerful energy fields that can affect our own profound healing experiences. They as energy workers with their strong intuitive abilities complements the healing experience and allows a client to interact in a way higher way, where they are feeling the healing and release as it is being administered. 

Currently establishing a new website launching soon here is where you are able to connect with them.
You can connect here while they are in prelaunch