Todays Featured Speaker-Jorge Arguello

Featured Guest Speaker-Jorge Arguello



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke Interview an incredible man in a mission to bring forth miracles into mankind.
Jorge Arguello

Something was different from the beginning with Jorge Arguello ... from how he came into his earth body, to how he was lead to a secret magical place in the mountains. 

There he came in contact with other races of beings which he refers to as his “celestial friends.” They laid out the path which he was to embark on from that point forward, changing from the one he was on to fulfilling the reason he was born.

In 1983 he was taken up into a mother craft where tall beings revealed his mission and the training which was to begin. 

After many years of mastering these teachings, he began his “mission” on helping others in attaining such mastery for themselves. In 2010, after some major personal losses he was visited by one of the brightest celestial beings he has ever been in contact with. The being instructed him to not veer off the path, to never waver but continue this path of miracles despite any hardships which may come up.

Jorge Arguello is a Light Being, a Prophet of Peace and an Ambassador of Love. A participator of  living a loving life of expansive realities and ALWAYS in the moment. 

Jorge Illuminates a path for others to follow on how to overcome belief limitations while achieving the Personal Power necessary for evolutionary ascension that helps one transform lovingly into the creation they truly are.

The passions of Jorge Arguello include writer of songs, artistic musical expressions, stage acting, poetry and prose authoring, cooking gastronomic creations and loving life to the utmost. He is a visionary philosopher, a healer of mind body and soul, a purveyor of truth ... and SOUL GUIDE into deeper understandings of our celestial friends and the dimensions we live in.