Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Mandy Horton

Featured Guest Speaker-Mandy Horton



Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview, an renowned NZ Healer-Mandy Horton

Mandy knows herself to be a Multi-dimensional Light Being who knew at an early age she was here to assist humanity to claim their loving light energies and bring themselves into a state of inner security and wholeness.

Mandy’s own personal journey has been one of physical, emotional and mental abuse and through this has given her the understanding and tools to assist. Mandy states that her journey does not define who she is as Mandy will tell you she is not the same person as she was in her story. 

In Mandy’s own words –

Every Exit is an Entry to Somewhere Else

Change is the natural order of Nature and the Universe. Nothing stays in the same point for ever although it is in one point in all time.

Complete? You already are!

Whole? You already are!

So why are we always feeling like we need to heal something? Why is it that we are always in a state of repair?

We have played in the playground of ‘poor me human’ too long. Struggle and hardship are our constant return. So how do we change it all? How do we reset our future? We at this time right now are asked to all take a “Pause”. Time to reset yourselves and step into a new creation.