Todays Featured Summit Speakers-Sharron Martin & Julia Dungan

Featured Guests Speakers-Sharron Martin & Julia Dungan



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Sharron & Julia from the Two gifted woman from New Zealand-Auckland.

Sharron Martin
Messenger…….Channel for the Divine.......Bridge between Worlds
Sharron was a secondary school teacher for many years and taught a wide variety of subjects; although her focus was always on helping people to grow and find their inner greatness. Later she trained as a counsellor in Career Development and also did some training in Energy healing. 
Now her truth is that she works guided by her soul for the good of humanity and the planet. Sharron is a messenger, teacher and a channel for the divine. She is a bridge between worlds and connects to Source of All That Is/God/Universal Energy to bring through higher dimensional energies for healing and guidance. Sharron works with the Ascended Masters and within the Akashic Records to bring through what your soul requires; to bring you into greater soul alignment and to help you connect with your authentic self.
As an artist Sharron brings beauty and essence from the unseen worlds to create vibrational images and paintings to uplift the viewer and assist in journeying to other realms. 

Julia Dungan
Growing up in the magical land of Aotearoa, New Zealand, with its melting pot of cultures, and its rich and diverse natural beauty, placed her firmly on her life path serving as a constant source of inspiration for her work.
Introspective by nature and endlessly curious she is devoted to the Mystical path. An avid student of the wisdom teachings of all traditions, her personal quest is to experience the vast array of internal alchemical methods for transforming and elevating consciousness and transfer these experiences through beautiful images and objects.
She also mentors and guides creatives, dreamers and free thinkers in bringing their visions to life, in giving form to the formless. She strongly believes that they are the wayshowers, the catalysts of change most needed now in building and moving forward into the new paradigm, the new way of living harmoniously here on Earth.
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