Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Gail Taylor

Featured Guest Speaker-Gail Taylor



We recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Captions on Video “CC” Or Click into watch Gail in Youtube.
Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview New Zealand's very own "Facilitator-Painter-Published Author-Public Speaker on Spiritual Matters. A Matriarch leading others forward.

Gail is powerful & she holds loving Christ energies within her Being & it is in loving service to Humanity & her deep connection with our Creator, that she brings these through for highest good. Whether it is as a Presenter, a Hands on or Distance Healing facilitator, or through our paintings or Poetry, she is fulfilling her own Life’s Purpose of loving co-creation. “Paintings for the Soul” are created in alignment with the fulfilment of the Divine Plan & are encoded with Specific High Vibrational Energies, assisting you to integrate and heal the many facets of yourself from across all Time, Space, Planes, Dimensions & Realities as Humanity awakens to the truth that there is no separation...Just Love.