Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Lesley Gewin

Featured Guest Speaker-Lesley Gewin 



We recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Captions on Video “CC” Or Click into watch Lesley in YouTube"
Hosts; Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke, interviews a remarkable woman/author from Australia with "Miracle Gifts" 

Lesley's STORY---calls and inspires me to be the greatest grandest version of me, as I bring a message to this world.
YOU ARE ENOUGH, just being born.
All of your answers to life are inside of you.
Life is “An Inside Job”… You were born to SHINE.
We are each like threads in an extraordinary amazing tapestry called, Humanity.
Who you are and how you live life, makes a difference.
"I was born and bred in rural Tasmania, Australia where I currently reside.
I came into this world to stand up, speak out and be seen, but as life would have it I spent 60 yrs. being shut down, shut out and shut away.
I am a sensitive girl of the land very connected to Mother Earth, plants and animals and seeing life like a kaleidoscope of colours, pictures and geometrical shapes and symbols. From day one I have always known I was here in service on the planet and I am driven by a passion to relieve suffering.
I find cruelty in any form, the ugliest human trait.
Somehow life transcends in my presence, impossible to possible, tragic to magic, disorder to order seemingly modelled by the only childhood book I had “Rumpelstiltskin”.
A global brother asked me years ago… who are you? And why do people always ask after you at every gathering around the world? It’s an unanswerable question to me…..
I AM simply a divine instrument playing the tune as “Lesley” and it’s a mystery how stuff happens through my presence like miraculous healing, people and situations changed forever and unexplained phenomena.
Today, I AM identity-less and free – free to be in this world but not of this world and no longer needing or knowing anything. It is a real sense of “completeness”…
When I enquire to my heart WHAT NOW? I get a picture of a lighthouse standing tall and simply shining brightly with waves pounding the rocks…
Life lives me…
Thy will be done…….
You can purchase her book through the website.