Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Trisha Rose Tirase

Featured Guest Speaker- Trisha-Rose Tirase 



We recommend you turn off “Subtitles/Closed Cations on Video “CC” Or Click into YouTube to watch Trisha-Rose
Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Australia's Intuitive Healer-Trisha-Rose

International Intuitive Energy Healer, Teacher and Counsellor

Trisha-Rose has been a healer and a powerful inspiration to people across the globe for over 30 years. She believes we all have the power to connect to the divine within and to heal ourselves. 

Her goal is to help us create that miracle.

Trisha-Rose’s arrival onto Planet Earth was far from a normal birth … this was the first indicator that she was here for a purpose. Trisha-Rose died at birth, whereupon her birth mother wrapped her in newspaper and put her in a rubbish bin.

In the early 90’s, Trisha-Rose contained and healed her endometrial cancer, by following her personal spirit guidance. This spiritual journey, connecting to the source and creating health, became well known, moving her to help others heal themselves.

As an intuitive energy healer, she has a wonderful rapport with the spirit world and has gained an extensive spiritual healing network team. However, she focuses on the individual as the one who works with the tools provided to move forward.

Trisha-Rose lovingly guides those who come to her to become the masters of their own mind, body and soul. They learn how to forgive and release using the ancient Ho'oponopono Hawaiian prayer, which heals, transforms and increases inner-peace and self-love. 

Trisha-Rose’s healing is profound. She works to help transmute and eliminate the ‘dark’ into ‘love and light’, helping others to know themselves as divine spiritual beings having a human experience. 

To bring them to the understanding that we are in fact all one. This is essential self-healing for spiritual growth and human evolution. She is driven to open people of all ages and cultures to a profound sense of joy, love and freedom that they may have never experienced before.

She is also a teaching guide, specialising in workshops for Making Meditation Easy for all age groups.