Todays Featured Summit Speaker-Mary Jo Halligan

Featured Guest Speaker-Mary Jo Halligan



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Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke interview Mary Jo Halligan who is nestled among the rolling mountains in NZ-A place that ALL should visit.

Mary Jo is a soulful visionary and that vision has lead to launching with her soulmate Steve Halligan in 2015 Vibrant Living Retreat located in the beautiful alpine wellness village of Hamner Springs, South Island, New Zealand. Mary Jo is noted for having an impressive wall ( What she likes to call her fancy wall paper in jest ! ) at her Retreat & Day Spa which hosts lots of beautiful certificates in many healing arts modalities from VARIOUS FORMS OF MASSAGE TECHNIQUES , ENERGY HEALING to QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE QHHT and YOGA TEACHER TRAININGS. Mary Jo's Mountain View Massage Days Spa which has been running for 7 yrs in Hanmer Springs brings PAMPERING BLISS & HOLISTIC CARE together under one roof in her beautiful peaceful sanctuary and dream vision ~ Vibrant Living Retreat. More and more people are noted as commenting on the special vibe they get as they enter Vibrant Living. 
Mary Jo and her Vibrant Team run regular transformational Wellness Retreats Including Yoga , Meditation, Detox , Fasting and Healing. Mary Jo is passionate about personal empowerment through inner transformation leading one to discover inner harmony, integrity and trust in body, mind, emotions and soul leading to create ones heart felt desires and dream lifestyle. 
Mary Jo & Steve mentor, train and hold space for there own live in therapists and woofers as they become introduced to there new paradigm co-creative model of running a business together as a team where everyone is encouraged to aim to be there best version of self with compassion and support for each individual journey of inner transformation and empowerment, healing and free creativity expression. Taking self responsibility for ones energy in thought and emotion and creations is a central theme of exploration and discovery in Vibrant Living Retreat daily culture and consciousness school of life.